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Ensure that your ride is running smoothly with muffler and exhaust maintenance at Mighty Muffler Auto Repair & Brake in La Habra, CA. If your car is making a noise louder than usual, you may need to get your muffler checked. We know how serious this issue can be, so it's important to get your repairs done by a professional. Mighty Muffler Auto Repair & Brake has over 30 years of experience with mufflers and exhaust.
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Exhaust - Car Repairs in La Habra, CA
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Exhaust Experts

If your car didn't pass the emissions test or your car is making loud noises while idling, there may be a problem with your exhaust. We'll run a diagnostic test to find and repair the issue. We also provide free estimates.

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  • Custom High Performance Exhaust
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Get in contact with us to take care of your muffler and exhaust repairs and replacements. Call 714-871-1990 to get a free estimate.